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PermaLath® 1000 - New & Innovative Stucco Lath  

PermaLath® 1000 is a self-furred, nominal 1/4" thick glass fiber reinforcing lath. This corrosion-free stucco lath is a superior alternative to metal lath and stucco netting for 1/2" to 7/8" stucco base applications and behind stone veneer. U.S. Patent 7,625,827 and 7,902,092.



 Non metallic

 Will not rust

 Pliable, with no sharp

 Easier and safer to handle and cut


 Can be applied vertically or horizontally

 Wide rolls

 Fewer overlaps required to give better


 Self furring, excellent mechanical key using
 traditional fastening procedures

 Alkali resistant

 Long-term durability and performance

 Packaged in light-
 weight rolls

 Application time/labor savings
 Reduced shipping costs

A component of a 1/2"–7/8" thick exterior Portland cement plaster stucco application that provides keying and continuous reinforcement for stucco used on vertical wall applications with solid backing. May also be used as a mortar base for light-weight veneer facing products such as stone veneer. Not for use on soffits or open framing.

39" x 150  lineal feet (487 square feet) roll in poly bag, 14 kg (31 lbs.) per roll
8 rolls per pallet

Technical Data







294 g/m
(8.8 oz/yard) ±5%


Min. Tensile Strength


59 kg/cm (330 lb/inch)



Shipping & Handling
Protect PermaLath 1000 during transportation and installation to avoid physical damage.
B. Store PermaLath 1000 in an upright position in a cool, dry place protected from exposure to moisture. Protect from extreme heat and direct sunlight.

A. Not for use on soffits or open framing.
B. Maximum Portland cement plaster stucco thickness of 7/8".
Maximum allowable weight of veneer facing products is 15 lbs. per square foot.

Technical Support
Consult our Technical Services Department at 800-221-9255 for additional information or specific recommendations concerning all other applications.

Quick Facts 
Easy to cut - use scissors
  Cutting is faster than other reinforcements, and easier on the hands.  
  Easy to cut - use knife
  Lengths can be rolled and cut to length in one easy pass with the utility knife.  
  Light-weight - easy to carry

PermaLath1000 is extremely light weight at 31 lbs per roll.  
  PermaLath1000 is a non-metallic,
3-dimensional, self-furring lath reinforcement .
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